(last updated on 3/12/2021)

Written by Donna Courchaine 

Your Handicap Index is now calculated using the 8 best scores out of the most recent 20

scores. Your Handicap index is now updated daily by the GHIN system.

Everyone now has a single 18-hole Handicap Index.

A unique 9-hole Handicap Index (N) no longer exists, but when playing a 9-hole tournament at Tallwood, your 9-hole course handicap will be calculated by Golf Genius.

Your handicap will be interchangeable for both 9-hole and 18-hole play.

Nine-hole scores will be combined to form 18-hole scores in the new system.

A Handicap Index is issued to a new player after three 18-hole scores are submitted and a revision takes place. Scores can be made up of any combination of 9-hole and 18 hole scores.

The maximum Handicap Index for all players is now 54.0. This results in a maximum of 60 handicap strokes for Tallwood front tees.

Calculation of Course Handicap now includes (Course Rating – Course PAR) as well as Slope Rating.  (For some courses, this can be quite different than the old calculation.)

We will again be using Golf Genius for our tournaments, and your TWC play will be entered for each hole and then posted for you to GHIN by Golf Genius.

You must post other scores for all rounds played, as soon as possible. Scores can be posted at the Tallwood Pro Shop computer; online at, or on the GHIN APP, on your mobile devices. ALWAYS POST HOLE-BY-HOLE, WITH NO ADJUSTMENTS!         When you post each hole, the system will give you any adjustments automatically.

When you post a round, you will have to adjust your own score, as follows:

The Maximum Hole Score is limited to NET DOUBLE BOGEY, defined as Par + 2 + the number of handicap strokes received for that hole. This replaces the previous ESC rules. Here’s a table that will help you determine your maximum hole score.

Maximum Hole Score for Handicap Purposes – (Net Double Bogey)

This is used ONLY when determining your ADJUSTED score for posting.

The maximum hole score for each player is limited to a Net Double Bogey.

It replaces the old ESC table.


    PAR             +2           +any hcp strokes received for that hole (your course hcp)

PAR:     +2      +0      +1    +2      +3     +4
  3       5        5        6      7        8       9
  4       6        6        7      8        9     10
  5       7       7       8      9      10     11  


Questions?  Please contact the Handicap Chair.